And then there was Light!

This blog and site are being built to tackle the arduous job of finding and selecting solar panels, with enough power to live everyday lives! The site will be updated the more I get into the swing of things, and when I officially unplug from the grid! I’m currently in the late planning stage of getting a motor home, buying panels, and setting up my RV to live full time, all for less that 10k! Now, obviously as time progresses, I may step over that boundary, but I will try my best not to, to show everyone, that just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s impossible! To give you a bit of background, I’m an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and love my amenities (AC, fridge, heat, very expensive gaming tower, ect.) and I’m building my setup to keep my life as normal as possible, as I set out on the road, and explore the country. I’m still planning on gaming, keeping my food cold or hot, and having a life! The more I work on the RV, and the road, I will be updating the site with real pictures, and real experiences. I hope you’ll all come with me on the site, and eventually the road. I hope everyone will see that this life is just waiting for you to experience it! All you have to do is try! Albeit, with some research. That’s it for this post, I will keep you all posted with the things I will/have done, and I will be posting publicly all the things I will/have buy/bought for this journey.


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