-Under Construction-

I’ve been hard at work on the RV, getting it ready for the First Voyage, and much more. I’ve been putting everything in, and making videos for all of you guys to see, and I promise I will get them up soon. So far I’ve learned a few things.

  1. This is a really long term job.

I have been working pretty non-stop to get this thing rolling, and I feel like I haven’t gotten much done. If this happens to you, Don’t Stress! Let me repeat, Don’t Stress! The work you do will be enough. Never over exert yourself, because you will get hurt. I myself threw my back out (At the age of 25) because I was trying to move too many things at once. Take your time. If your out for the count (Like me), your RV can’t make progress. It can’t fix itself, and you don’t want to force that responsibility on someone else.

2. Things don’t go as planned.

The best laid plans never see fruition. Things don’t always work out the way you imagined it, and that’s OK! This gives you time to look at things in a different light, and reevaluate things. For instance, I removed all the weighty things from the passenger side of the RV, but then I added about 200 lbs to the driver side. This seems like a small thing, but sitting 12 inches from the ground, 200 lbs, swinging from a sharp turn can be the difference between flipping and staying level. I have to move my battery bank (Which is about 240 lbs) to the other side of my RV. This created a problem because my breaker box was on the other side. Now, this RV did not come with a generator when I bought it. It was only 3500$ so I didn’t really mind. But this got me thinking, Take the batteries, put them in the generator box, hook the inverter up to the generator hook-ups for AC power, and use it this way. This balances my weight, makes it easier to wire the solar system, and allows the batteries to have airflow without drilling holes in a door. Now, of course, I will be waterproofing the box, and probably adding a lip on top of the door, to dissuade any water from coming in. So when things don’t pan out perfectly, don’t sweat. Just find new ways to do things! Sometimes it’s as simple as reusing an old box.

3. Summer is not the time to do this.

The heat has been my biggest restriction here. The weather has been upwards of 80 degrees most days, which means in the RV it can get up to 100 quickly. I didn’t have a choice, as I need this RV done before fall (Lease is up), and I didn’t get the money for it until July. The better time would be Spring, simply for the nicer weather, and easier breezes. Fall would be nice, but you have winter right behind it, and that can be problematic.

4. Always check the ceiling and roof.

I learned while working on the RV, I have some rot in the bedroom ceiling (Which I saw, and didn’t seem too bad) but I also have some near the Air Conditioner, since that’s where it pools the most water. I hadn’t seen that unfortunately, which means within the next year, I will be redoing the entire roof and ceiling (look forward to THAT post) which will cost me quite a bit. If you find rot in your RV, don’t panic, and don’t write it off immediately. Ceiling damage is actually fairly cheap to fix, it’s just a long, dirty process. I’m doing the roof, because I don’t trust other people’s work. This also will allow me to do things how I would like to do them. I can add skylights where I want, vents, move the A/C to the bedroom or remove it completely. Ceiling damage does not always mean roof damage. Make sure you walk to roof to feel soft spots, and creaking boards.

All in all guys, this is a fun project, definitely something you can involve the whole family in (even if it’s just fetching tools) and a really good experience.  I will be adding pictures, as soon as I can, and the videos will be added to my Youtube channel, once I edit some audio into it (the camera has a waterproof case that blocked most of my audio). I look forward to hearing any questions you guys have, and don’t forget, take your time.



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